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Cover of book - Aesthetic Realism We Have Been ThereAesthetic Realism: We Have Been ThereSix Artists on the Siegel Theory of Opposites (Definition Press: NY, 1969 - third printing, 1978), includes the chapter, "I Believe This About Photography" by David M. Bernstein, and the following comment about his photograph "Chrysanthemum" by poet and critic Eli Siegel: "The effect is of something gorgeous, with that multitudinous white, that opulent white rising above it all. And in the meantime, there is a tendency to droop. ... I think the flower is not sure of its purpose in this world. Wouldn't you say it was caught in a storm of uncertainty?"

     "What Does a Person Deserve? The Answer Found in a Great Photograph"                   by David M. Bernstein.  Appeared in Caribbean Life.
                  Dorothea Lange photograph "White Angel Breadline"
    "I think Dorothea Lange's 1932 White Angel Breadline is one of the great photographs in this world. Its power, its beauty, its message, can be understood, felt more valuably and deeply through Aesthetic Realism. ..." Read White Angel Breadline.

Book cover "Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism
  Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism — Articles Published Nationwide by Alice Bernstein and others (Orange Angle Press, NY: 2004) includes the article "Bronzeville and Harlem: Photography and Justice" by Alice and David Bernstein. The authors review two photographic exhibitions that comment centrally on the urgent question asked by Eli Siegel: What does a person deserve by being alive?

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